Hole In One Insurance – “Super-Putt”

“Super-Putt” is an exciting hole in one insurance concept that we offer in our range. Players putt over a distance in a knockout / elimination round to arrive at the required number of finalists. Then each finalist (one, two or three players) then has one putt each for the opportunity to win an insured prize.

Super-Putts are usually held at golf course ‘practice’ putting greens before players’ participate in tournaments.

You may have seen the “Super-Putt” competition at the Toyota Golf Show held at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Center in Albert Park. David Whammond, an amateur golfer from Victoria, made it through to the finals where he then went on to get a hole in one! David walked away with an amazing $100,000 cash and the golf show got great press and exposure from the win!

Check out the excitement that hole in one insurance can bring to a super-putt event by watching the youtube clip of David Whammond winning below! To make your next event as memorable as the Toyota Golf Show please contact us.


To customise a super-putt contest for your event it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Choose a Contest

Determine the type of contest you want to have, for instance you might include one putt or a combination of putts.

A putt combination is a contest where the contestant must successfully make the specified putts in a series (a two, three or four putt combination can be used). The contestant must make all putts in one attempt in order and is a cheaper alternative to a one putt competition.

Super-putt contests can be held on natural or artificial turf.

2. Select a Prize to Offer

Determine the prize you want to offer. Anything your golfers will dream of winning; cash, travel or cars are great examples.

3. Select Number of Players

Determine how many contestants are going to compete and call us for a quote. Fast, free and no obligation.


To submit a quote request, we require the following information:

  • Number of Finalists (5 contestants or less is budget friendly)
  • Prize Value
  • Distance
    • With one putt the minimum distance is 20 meters
    • With combination putts, please select the number of desired consecutive putts (2, 3 or 4).

See more success stories by visiting our winners page! At National Hole-In-One Insurance – Experience Pays!

Hole In One Insurance Super-Putt