Prize Insurance

We are proud to be affiliated with Promotions Covered, a prize insurance and promotional services company.

Should you want to insure a grand prize for a ‘chance to win’ competition such as a luxury car, holiday, house or even a million dollars, then Promotions Covered can assist. Visit for more information.

Prize Insurance

About Promotions Covered

We are passionate about competitions and promotions and know how effective they can be in engaging potential and current clients with your brand, product or service.

We make it possible for our clients to offer high value prizes for the fixed cost of an insurance premium. The final fixed cost is determined by the consumers probability of winning the competition.

These competitions can be based on chance or skill. Chance based competitions relate to probability contests such as choosing a lucky envelope, rolling a dice or cracking the code on a safe. Skill based competitions on the other hand, involve participants taking part in a contest whereby they are required to show skill in order to win, such as 25 words or less entry or a basketball half-court shot. We can work with you to determine the appropriate competition type to suit your target market.

We are committed to finding the perfect promotional solution for our clients and work to any timeframe and budget. At Promotions Covered we pride ourselves on maximising your promotional impact at a fixed cost.

Contact Promotions Covered when you are planning your next promotional campaign or event.

What is Prize Insurance?

Prize insurance is indemnification insurance for a promotion in which the participants are offered the chance to win prizes. A premium is paid (at a fraction of the cost of the prize) and should the prize be won, you have nothing further to pay – we cover the rest!

Cash, houses, cars and holidays are still the most appealing prizes to consumers. Promotions Covered can insure these top prizes for your next promotion and help you stand out from your competitors whilst exceeding your goals and targets.

Whether you are promoting your brand, product, service or event we can tailor a prize insurance solution to achieve maximum impact and return on investment.