Hole In One Insurance Tips

Tournament Tips

Hole In One Insurance makes for an exciting event – make the most of it with these tips:

Increase the chances of an ace. Why not insure one of the easier par 3 holes on the course to maximise the odds and the excitement? Our insurance premiums are calculated on the distance, number of players and prize value – it does not take into account the degree of difficulty of the hole.

Avoid par 3 holes that have water hazards, numerous bunkers and poor visibility of the green.

Choose the golf course carefully. You don’t want your event on a course that is not well manicured or minimal staff to assist in your event running smoothly.

Meet with the staff ahead of time. You want to make sure the staff understands exactly what is going to go on. How and when do you want the prizes presented? Will there be catering? Meeting with the staff ahead of time not only allows you to communicate your needs, it will allow you to see how friendly and willing to serve the staff actually is. If the staff is questionable, select another course to host your charity golf tournament.

Advertise. Use the prizes you will be offering as the ‘hook’ in your advertising efforts. Start advertising as soon as you have all of the details worked out.

Obtain a sponsor. If you want your charity golf tournament to be truly successful, obtain a sponsor. This not only makes your event more intriguing and attractive, it will help you to obtain more sign-ups. This will also double your advertising efforts for free as your sponsor will be advertising as well to get some good public relations out of it.

Hire a photographer. Have a video or still photographic coverage to record the players’ participation and capture the excitement if the ultimate prize goes off! Photos can also be used to thank sponsors and participants, distribute to media and promote future events.

Be visual. Remember to have the prize and your sponsor’s signage prominently displayed. Ensure that the target has high visibility I,e. can you clearly see the green and the target hole from the tee? If possible, hold your competition close to “the action” (crowd, club house, etc.). A large cheque is great to have on hand should the ace occur.

Inform the press. Let your local and national media outlets know about your event and increase your exposure of the day.

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